2004 World Series Game 4 Ticket Stub-Graded Bccg Authentic

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2004 World Series Game 4 Ticket Stub-Graded Bccg Authentic An Actual Ticket Stub From Game 4 of The Infamous 2004 World Series In Which The Boston Red Sox Finally Won It All!! A True Collectors Item. Comes With A Header Card And Information About The Ticket Stub As Well. These Are Only About 3X1 Since A Stub(Not A Full Ticket) This Is The Bottom Half of The Ticket Only. Beckett Has Graded These And Encased Them Into A Graded Holder. The Grade of This Ticket Is Bccg Authentic Grading Increases Value - Compare The Secondary Market Prices of Your Favorite Cards In Raw And Graded Forms. Bgs-Graded Items Are Usually Valued Higher. PreservationProtection - Your Bgs-Graded Items Are Well Preserved In A Unique Protective Cardholder. You WonT Have To Worry About Them Getting Damaged. Greater Resale Potential - On TodayS Secondary Market Especially Online Graded Items Are Easier To Sell. With Bgs-Graded Items Collectors Can Be Confident In The Quality of The Item Being Bought. Authenticity - You Can Be Assured That You Have The Real Deal. As Part of The Grading Process Bgs Items Are Routinely Authenticated. Tamper Proof - Once A Item Has Been Graded And Slabbed By Bgs The Integrity of The Item Is Protected From All Kinds of Tampering. Display - The Bgs Cardholder Is Attractive Sturdy And Stackable. It Provides Unobstructed Viewing of Your Item From All Angles! The Reputation of The Beckett Name - Bgs Operates With The Same Honesty Integrity And Excellent Hobby Knowledge You Have Come To Expect From Beckett. Reliability And Consistency Are The Hallmarks of Beckett Grading Services.
2004 World Series Game 4 Ticket Stub-Graded Bccg Authentic
Sport Theme: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Boston Red Sox

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